Know what our clients are saying

I got this 4 years ago, and I love how the value keeps increasing every year. Also, it’s limited edition so I know that I’m getting a good deal.

Kirstin / Toronto

Over the past 2 years, the value of my piece has increased steadily, and it remains a popular item year after year.

Mike / Boston

I originally bought this toy from KAWS because I’m a fan of the artist and I loved the item itself. But, it’s also a great investment. The value has already gone up since I’ve bought it.

Andy / Las Vegas

I have been a fan of KAWS for a long time now. The Sculptural pieces are unique and very collectible. I love the fact that they are limited in quantity, as every year they increase in value.

Jane / New Jersey

I’m a collector, so I don’t mean to be too pushy about it. But if you had this toy in your collection, you’d be set for life. And hey, I’ll buy from you if you’re ever wanting to sell. 🙂

Loyd / Washington DC

I bought this sculpture in 2009 when it was released. The price has gone up since then, as the artist is now collectible. It’s a great investment for a future collector or an art enthusiast.

Palo Alto / Adobe

I bought a character sculpture by KAWS on my vacation and thought it would be a unique addition to my office. I didn’t think it would become a profitable investment. 

Damian / Virginia

It’s easy to forget that items you buy for yourself can have value in other ways. The limited edition KAWS Companion is no normal toy – it was designed and signed by the artist, making it a collectible as valuable as it is adorable. I am a happy owner of two pieces and will definitely be getting more from your website.

Bryce / Alabama

I personally invested in this handmade art toy by KAWS because I love his work and the incredible quality. It’s been a solid investment. The artwork on the vinyl has not been damaged after year of handling by my kids and the value continues to increase due to its limited numbered nature.

Peter / Louisiana

I have this watch valued at $5,000, and it still runs like the day it came out of the factory. I paid $3,000 for it, and I feel that it was a great deal for what it is.

Emily / Utah

I recommend this collectible to anyone even slightly interested in purchasing it. I was a little hesitant at first but I’m happy that I made the purchase decision after weighing all the pros and cons. This is a great addition to any art toy collector’s collection and provides a wonderful representation of KAWS’ work.

Ethan / Florida

I made the investment in a one of a kind character sculpture by KAWS by buying from you guys, which I thought would be a unique addition to my collectibles. Two years down and the price has quadrupled. I’ll definitely be buying more

Claire / Maryland